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Windows are 14 years old have had multiple what problems starting at 4 to 5 years old have spent 10,000 dollars repairing them back then and now spend several thousand every few years . I have contacted manufacture and distributor both of which blamed me for improper maintenance which is ridiculous....

windows have been painted properly and sealed appropriately it is clear after perusing the internet i am not the only one..... several of my friends built at the same time using Kolbe they too have similar problems. Do not under any circumstance use kolbe.

Please take this complaint serious. Do your research!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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I am thinking My house is a little more palatial than yours because I had $120,000 in Kolbe windows installed. Mine were installed by a five star contractor with excellent references.

I am loving my windows and doors after 20 plus years. Sounds like you cut corners on the install.

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